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Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative (NEOEC) will embark on a new alliance with a familiar face in 2017. NEOEC has agreed to make KAMO Electric Cooperative, Inc. (KAMO Power), its exclusive power provider once the current NEOEC contract with Grand River Dam Authority has expired.


KAMO Power is a generation & transmission cooperative headquartered in Vinita, Oklahoma. Formed in 1941, KAMO Power is owned by—and supplies power resources to—17 member distribution cooperatives in both northeast Oklahoma and southwest Missouri. KAMO Power is one of six generation & transmission utilities that own Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. (AECI). AECI, in turn, supplies electric capacity and energy resources for the six generation & transmission entities.

Although NEOEC has been a member of the KAMO family since 1951, the cooperative has previously purchased only a small percentage of its required annual power from KAMO. The new agreement, which will go into effect June 1, 2017, will allow KAMO to serve 100% of the NEOEC load from a total of 34 delivery points, including two delivery points already served by KAMO.

Due to prior contractual obligations, NEOEC has been unable to explore more competitive wholesale rates for its membership until now.
As part of the transition, KAMO has agreed to purchase 21 NEOEC substations and approximately 100 miles of cooperative-held 69kV transmission lines. This will remove from NEOEC the burden of having to test, maintain and replace any components, including transformers in the substations, and perform maintenance on these transmission lines.

The addition of the NEOEC load, with its more than 38,000 active meters, will add approximately 150MW to KAMO’s system during peak demand.
All contractual details are complete between NEOEC and KAMO,” remarked J. Chris Cariker, KAMO CEO. “KAMO will immediately begin making preparations to be in position to serve this added load next June 1.”
“We are excited to (embark) on this new relationship with KAMO,” explained NEOEC General Manager Anthony Due. “KAMO has been our low-cost power provider for the last five years and has a strong, local presence. They currently serve eight of our neighboring electric cooperatives here in Oklahoma and have been forging a relationship with our organization for the past 65 years.”

Due further explained that KAMO emphasizes the power of doing business locally with a system of governance that places a big emphasis on elected board members from the cooperatives like NEOEC, to serve on its board of trustees.

Added Due: “Having KAMO linemen, substation technicians and engineers all right here in Vinita will only strengthen our system by providing reliable service and improved response times during outage events.”

KAMO Power annual sales to member cooperatives exceeds 6.7 million megawatt-hours and impacts 313,455 member-owners. Revenues from these sales are used to cover KAMO’s expenses. KAMO Power and its members are not-for-profit organizations. Any margins are credited back to member-owners and returned as funds are available. KAMO rates are the same for each of the cooperatives it serves.

The partnership between KAMO Power, AECI and five other generation & transmission members of AECI creates a strong network of high voltage generation & transmission resources, communications systems, qualified personnel, planning, effective system operations, maintenance programs, and an economic and reliable power supply throughout Missouri, northeast Oklahoma and southern Iowa for the benefit of its member distribution cooperatives and their member-owners.

“Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative is looking forward to being an even larger part of the KAMO Power family going forward,” said Due. “We feel like this is a decision that adds strength and reliability to our system and will provide many benefits that will enhance service quality for our members.”


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