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Energy Tip

Prepare meals with your Crockpot to save on air conditioning. Most people use their Crockpot in the winter. Crockpots are very energy efficient AND they don't heat the kitchen like an oven or stove.


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Safety Tip

Winter storms can bring heavy snow, high winds and ice. Pay attention to weather alerts if traveling. If you see a power line down stay away and call 800-256-6405 to report the location.






Welcome to REC

Hello and welcome to Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative on-line! Whether you are speaking to us by phone, in person at either one of our office locations, or visiting us on-line, we hope our proud tradition of service shines through. Serving the needs of our membership is, and always has been, our number one priority. Thank you for your continued patronage.

Enjoy a more efficient fireplace

Few things are as cozy and relaxing as a crackling fire in the fireplace.  The warm glow radiates contentment and comfort during cold and dreary winter evenings.  The truth, however, is that fireplaces are an inefficient source of heat and can actually draw warm air from your home.  We wouldn’t ask you to deny yourself the satisfaction of a fire, so we are providing some tips to improve the efficiency of your fireplace and to increase your comfort. 

  • Have your chimney inspected and cleaned. Soot and creosote can build up and block your chimney preventing the fireplace from getting the necessary oxygen to burn properly.  A build up can also put you at greater risk of suffering a house fire.

  • Dampers should be tightly closed when the fireplace is not in use. Over the years, heat from fires can affect how well the damper seals.  Consider installing a chimney cap/damper combo.  These units seal the chimney better than traditional dampers.  If this is not an option, think about purchasing a chimney balloon.  These inflate in the chimney, sealing it and keeping your warm air inside.  Just remember to remove it before starting a fire.

  • Glass doors serve as a barrier to help prevent warm room air being pulled out of your home and up the chimney. Small vents along the bottom or sides control the amount of combustion airflow into the fireplace.  When closed, heat from the fire will still radiate into the room.

  • Inserts that fit into an existing fireplace are an efficient option. Inserts are generally equipped with glass or metal doors, outside combustion air vents, and circulation blowers that send heated air into the room. Fireplace inserts limit the amount of heat and conditioned air lost up the chimney. Fireplace inserts are recommended for fireplaces that are regularly used for space heating.

statement of nondiscrimination

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer. <<Click here>> to read the full nondiscrimination statement.



Saving Energy

Saving energy is important to all of us.  It not only reduces energy bills, but ecologically it is the right thing to do.  To find information and simple tips to increase your energy savings, visit the following websites:;; and



Our Energy Our Future LogoElectric cooperatives face an ever-changing legislative landscape.  Changes in requirements always have the opportunity to impact our membership.  To learn more about the concerns, needs, and issues facing electric cooperatives throughout the United States, visit

The Power of Connections

Power of Connections


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